Horrible Histories Magazine

Perfect for all Horrible Histories fans – the monthly magazine that always comes with a fun gift and loads of stickers!


Latest issue!

Eye-eye – the all-new issue of Horrible Histories is a 3D special, loaded with historical heroes and vile villains that will jump right out of the pages at you! You’ll also get these FREE special spy gifts to tackle the secret agent puzzles inside. Shhh…


Awful extras!

In this issue, we’ve also got this sweet LEGO Ninjago bundle, plus Marvel Hero Attax cards to give away to lucky winners in our competitions. It’s spinjitzu-per!


For info on awesome
Horrible Histories stage shows, head to www.birminghamstage.com


Horrible LOL!

Q What’s the first thing James Bond teaches his pupils at spy school?

A Stealth and safety!

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